Offshore Tax Evasion

Prosecuting tax evasion by U.S. taxpayers using offshore bank accounts continues to be a top priority for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the U.S. Department of Justice. Here are some resources to help you follow the latest tax law developments related to offshore accounts and offshore tax evasion.

U.S. Government Resources

U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division Offshore Compliance Initiative

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Offshore Tax Avoidance and IRS Compliance Efforts

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division Annual Letter to U.S. Sentencing Commission calls for stricter sentences for offshore tax evasion

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Draft Form 8966 FATCA Report

Department of Treasury FATCA Intergovernmental Agreements

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure and FATCA Stats – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

IRS Urges Taxpayers with International Tax Issues to Come Into Compliance – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

30,000 Taxpayers Who Submitted Voluntary Disclosures May Be Subject to Criminal Prosecution – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

IRS Announces Changes to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program: Opens OVDP to More Taxpayers – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – IRS Website

IRS Disqualifies Taxpayers from OVDP – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

More Uncertainty in Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program: IRS Releases Instructions for New Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures for Non-Resident, Non-Filer U.S. Taxpayers – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

New IRS Guidelines on Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program – Boston Tax Attorney Blog

U.S. Senate Hearings on Offshore Tax Evasion

Offshore Tax Evasion: The Effort to Collect Unpaid Taxes on Billions in Hidden Offshore Accounts, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations Website

Levin, McCain urge Justice Department to seek extradition in tax evasion cases – See more at:

Boston Tax Attorney Blog Posts

Read more Boston Tax Attorney Blog posts on offshore tax evasion

Justice Department Reaches Final Resolutions Under Swiss Bank Program

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure and FATCA Stats

IRS Urges Taxpayers with International Tax Issues to Come Into Compliance

30,000 Taxpayers Who Submitted Voluntary Disclosures May Be Subject to Criminal Prosecution

President Obama Calls for Crackdown on Money Laundering and Tax Evasion

I Just Received a Letter from my Bank about FATCA and my Connection to the U.S.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs Still an Option for US Taxpayers

What Should You Do If You Have An Undisclosed Foreign Bank Account

Tax Trial Underway for EX-UBS Banker


Treasury to Treat Jurisdictions with FATCA Agreements in Substance as Agreements in Effect to Prepare for Start of Law

Budget Cuts Will Affect IRS’ Ability to Use Information Gathered Through FATCA

“Last” FATCA Rules Regulations Released

Top 10 Offshore Tax Evasion Developments in 2013

Justice Department Calls for Stricter Sentences in Offshore Tax Evasion Cases

IRS & Treasury Announce 6 Month Extension to FATCA

Are Individuals Required To Turn Over Personal Foreign Bank Account Records?

IRS Disqualifies Taxpayers from OVDP

Swiss Bank to Pay $74 Million in Tax Evasion Case

Bilateral Agreement between the US and Switzerland to Implement FATCA

Treasury and IRS Issue Final FATCA Regulations

Treasury and IRS Announce New Timelines for FATCA

Treasury, IRS Issue Proposed Regulations for FATCA Implementation; U.S. and 5 European Countries Agree to Cooperate in Fighting Tax Evasion

In the News

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New Due Date for FBARs, U.S. Department of Treasury Announcement

Credit Suisse Said to Hold Accounts for Latest U.S. Tax Felon, Bloomberg

Offshore Voluntary Compliance Efforts Top $10 Billion; More Than 100,000 Taxpayers Come Back into Compliance, IRS Press Release

Israeli Bank Secrets Smuggled in Necklace to Help U.S. Tax Cheat, Bloomberg

Justice Department Announces Maerki Baumann & Co. AG Reaches Resolution Under Swiss Bank Program, DOJ Press Release

U.S. Chases Swiss Bank Secrets to Singapore and Israel, Bloomberg

IRS Starts Offshore Account Data Swaps Under FATCA, Forbes

IRS Launches International Data Exchange Service; Supports Reporting under FATCA and Intergovernmental Agreements, IRS Press Release

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