Criminal Tax Fraud and Tax Controversy 2013 Conference

The 30th Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud conference starts December 11 and runs through December 13 in Las Vegas.

About the Tax Conference

The 30th Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud is the annual gathering of the criminal tax defense bar combined with the Third Annual National Institute on Tax Controversy.

This program brings together high-level government representatives, judges, corporate counsel, and private practitioners engaged in all aspects of tax controversy, tax litigation, and criminal tax defense.

Bill Lovett to Speak on Ethic Panel – Thursday 12/12/13

I am speaking on the “Everything is Fine Until it isn’t – Ethical Problems in Tax Practice” panel on Thursday at 4:30pm to 5:45pm.

Panelists: Karen L. Hawkins, William J. Lovett, Fred F. Murray, Walter Pagano
Moderator: Michael J. Desmond
About the Panel: Practical “in the tax trenches” ethical guidance from a leading panel of experts regarding the most difficult ethical “do’s and don’ts” in a tax practice. What to do when the unexpected occurs? When might the return preparer become the target of a criminal investigation? When is reliance upon the client or other advisor no longer reasonable? What are the requirements to effectively obtain a conflict waiver?

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